Who is Jade?
Learn more about Jade's history here!

Is Jade a full service restaurant?
Jade is a counter service restaurant that provides high quality customer service. We ask that all members of your party order at the counter before taking a seat. Water and utensils are self serve, but we are happy to bring your food to your table and check in to make sure you are enjoying your visit.

What if I want to order more food, do I have to wait in line again?
No worries! If you need something else, just find our second register. Primarily used for to go orders, you can also place a second order here.

Does Jade take to go orders?
Absolutely! You can call in your to go order, or place your to go order at Jade. For your convenience we have a second register located to the side of the ordering line specifically for this purpose.

Does Jade accommodate large parties?
Please keep in mind that because of Jade's counter service style, our dining environment is not conducive to large parties. While we encourage your group to come eat at Jade, it is unlikely that everyone will receive their food at the same time.

Does Jade take Reservations?
Due to Jade’s counter service, our restaurant does not accept reservations or private party accommodations. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Does Jade sell gift certificates?
We do! You can buy them at Jade, or through our website here. Gift Cards are mailed directly to the address provided using US Postal Service. Please allow 2 business days for processing.

What is Jade's Pastry policy?
We apologize but we are unable to accommodate any special orders for pastries or cakes. We are happy to provide a selection of desserts for purchase; however, each customer is limited to two slices of our signature cake. Jade's pastries are first come first serve. We have limited availability and often sell out. Thank you for supporting our hard working bakers!