Meet the Family

Our Story

Jade is a family run business where we are proud to share our recipes made with love. In the kitchen and bakery, is our Matriarch Lucy. Jade’s food traces Lucy’s roots of growing up Vietnamese in both Laos and French Colonial Vietnam. As a young child she learned about Thai cuisine from living in a small Laotian village called Pakse, on the border of Thailand. Lucy’s sous-chef, Sy has worked with her for over two decades, and hails from the Luang Prabang area of Laos.

Lucy immigrated to Portland in 1975, where she raised her three children and in the early 90’s opened the successful Beau Thai restaurant in NW Portland. After Beau Thai was sold in the early 2000’s, Lucy traveled to the South of France to study baking. This emphasized her deep respect for French baking and the perfect Bánh mì Sandwich baguette. Upon her return back to The States, Lucy and her Daughter April decided to put their entrepreneurial minds together and open Jade. We hope you enjoy!